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Online Learning FAQs

1. What type/system of teaching and learning will be implemented for DISTANCE / ONLINE LEARNING?


This Learning Management System (LMS) will be utilized and used for the entire school year, through contactless education, imminent health threats can be eliminated.

2. How will my child receive instructions?

Mode of instruction will be done SYNCHRONOUSLY and ASYNCHRONOUSLY.

the learners will have a REGULAR classes with the subject teachers via VIDEO CONFERENCE. Lectures, discussions, and other activities which require the teacher’s presence will be done during the conference. In case that the learner missed the live conference, they can still have access on it through the recorded file.

Synchronous Learning Schedule
Pre-school = 1.5 hours
Grade 1-3 = 2 hours
Grades 4 – 5 =- 3 hours
Grades 7 – 12 = 4 Hours (*2hrs. morning + 2hrs. afternoon)

Exercises, worksheets, projects, and other activities can be accomplished on the learner’s convenient time provided that they still comply with due date.

3. How will the learners be connected with the teacher?

Aside from the regular synchronous class, the learners can communicate their task, inquiries, and other concerns with their teachers during SCHEDULED CONSULTATION PERIOD.

4. What learning materials will be used?

Essential for online learning are laptop/desktop computers, web camera, earphones/headset (with microphone), and internet connectivity. Used of smartphone and tablets are discouraged.

Subjects still require textbooks (printed or electronic-books). Other learning materials needed for specific subjects shall be announced ahead of time.

5. How will the students submit their output?

All outputs will be submitted online through uploading of files like image and videos. Assessments such as quizzes and examinations are all online. Submission of outputs are scheduled and reasonable management of work load of students will also be implemented.

6. General Orientation

Parents will receive the details on GENERAL ORIENTATION for SCHOOLOGY by the assigned Class Adviser through the given email address / texts.